About Me

Over the last couple of years,I have been putting together canvas paintings with rich texture,extreme volume, lots of acrylic paint, iridescence, beautiful colors, and heavy gloss.

My interest in painting came from things in my life which have been personally challenging. As I got older it has become clear that we may not be who we think we are, that we act from places of conditioning,habit and fear.

Truth intrigues me. To become whole, we must embrace both the good, as well as the uncomfortable.

My paintings can be very challenging – Meaning comes first. Artist expression is the familiar language that has really helped me understand, to find sense.

Inspirational quotes have had a significant impact on my understanding of my personal design.

My favorite thought that comes to me: Serenity . Now.

In a world that can be anything but relaxing. It’s no surprise that I want to create new methods of relaxation for me . That would be getting lost in my beautiful colors of paint putting me in a great state of mind.

Thank You So Much For Taking A Look!

A percentage of each sale of my art goes to the Mississippi Alzheimer's foundation.



Please contact me for prices and enquiry

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